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Private Pilot's Licence

Before you can commence the navigation training phase, you are required to sit a single examination covering the subjects of flight rules and air law, navigation, meteorology and a sampling of questions from your previous studies. This examination must be passed before you may commence the practical flight training. The practical side of this phase of your training requires you to complete a course of at approximately 20 hours navigation training, which includes five hours of solo cross country navigation. The duration of each exercise is between two and three hours and will include some guidance in the practical use of the radio navigational aids. When you have satisfactorily completed this training you will be required to undertake a practical flight test to demonstrate your ability to navigate and use the radio to either the chief flying instructor or a flight operations inspector from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (C.A.S.A.).

Once you have gained your private licence you may then carry your passengers anywhere in Australia. (You would be well advised not to venture too far from home until you have built up some additional experience.) In a light four seat aircraft, places like Sydney and Adelaide are only three hours away from Shepparton compared to an eight hour or more drive.

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