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Please contact Gawne Aviation for further information regarding the VET in Schools program.



You can study towards becoming a pilot while completing VCE


An exciting possibility for secondary School students is to study towards gaining your pilots licence. If you think that a career in aviation may be for you, then why wait until after school? ! Our VET in Schools course has both practical flight training as well as theoretical exams which may also attribute to your final ATAR score. 


Can my studies contribute to my ATAR score?


Successful completion of the units of study in the VET in Schools program may contribute to 2 of your unit 3 and 4 sequences towards the satisfactory completion of your Victorian Certificate of Education. In addition to the Primary 4 VCE studies, it may also contribute to the ATAR in the form of at least one 10% increment (10% of the averaged scaled score).

Further information regarding this is available on the VCAA website:  Block credit recognition.


Age restrictions

Please note that there are age restrictions regarding pilot licensing. These are enforced by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Students must be 16 years of age to achieve the RPL and 17 years of age to complete the PPL.

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