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Piper Cub PA18
Purpose: Tailwheel Training
Crew: 1 pilot & 1 Pax
Speed: 100kts (185km/h)
  • Training usually takes around 3 to four hours

  • TLWC training is conducted in the PA18 Supercub

  • Both wheel on and three-point landings will be conducted throughout the training

  • Training will be conducted on a grass ALA away from traffic and distractions

  • The cost of the training varies with the candidate however, the price usually

  • averages out around $1500 all-inclusive and around three to four hours flight time

  • Tailwheel training improves stick and rudder skills, we try to at least conduct

  • some tailwheel training for trainee instructors for this reason.

  • An experienced Grade 1 instructor conducts the TLWC training.

VH Cub
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